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What is GNB India?

GNB India is a collective buying platform for Loans/Any premium product. We bring lot of value to customers by offering them discounts on the product offerings while at the same time generating business for banks/vendors. We have pre negotiated deals from lots of financial institutions and at the same time user can suggest a deal to us.

How GNB works ?

Please access “How GNB works” section to see the detailed process.

How does group deal works?

A group deal becomes live once minimum number of buyers show interest in a specific deal before the expiry of the deal.

Does GNB charge any fee to the clients?

GNB does not charge its customers any fee for the services provided.

What happens if minimum number of buyers is not reached for a deal?

Group deal does not get activated if minimum number of buyers are not reached, still we try and negotiate the best deal for the client.

Group Buying

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